Le jeu vidéo de la Stratégie d’Ender

Pour les fans de Science-Fiction et d’Orson Scott Card, visiblement ça avance au niveau du jeu vidéo reprenant son livre « La stratégie d’Ender« . Mais on n’en sait guère plus pour le moment. En tout cas, on devrait enfin pouvoir poutrer du Doryphore !


Un petit extrait de l’interview originale dans la suite :

I’ve heard that an Ender video game is also in the works. What can you tell us about that?

Card: I’m working on the game with Chair Entertainment, a team I collaborated with on my novel Empire, which began as a rudimentary story for their video game of the same title. Since then, Empire has been optioned by Warner Brothers, and Chair was acquired by Epic, which funded them in developing a much fuller version of the Empire game. Once that game ships, we’ll be in a position to keep Ender’s Game moving forward.

My hope and plan is that the Ender’s Game computer and console games will not be mere tellings of the story, but rather true games with a high degree of replayability. In other words, you don’t play the game once, so you can act out the story (as with, say, the Harry Potter movie-based games), and then discard it. The Ender’s Game games will immerse you in the experience of different aspects of the life of these kids who train together in order to fight the war. I can see a Battle School online game as well as a Battle Room game, various Formic War games, even the Mind Game (or Fantasy Game) that Ender plays relentlessly on his computer

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